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To score the most points by coming up with words based on given parameters in each round. 



One deck of 48 Letter cards, 1 Direction die, 1 Number die, and Score Sheets. (A 30 second timer will be needed, but is not provided.)



Shuffle the Letter cards, and place them face down. Players may elect to have one person roll the dice and turn over cards for all rounds, or each player can take turns. 



  •  First, roll the Number die to establish how many letters the word should have. 

  •  Second, roll the Direction die, to set the specific structure the word needs. 

  •  Third, flip over one letter card, or two if the Direction die calls for it. 

  •  Finally, start a 30 second timer. 


Players then have those 30 seconds to come up with a word that meets both the Direction requirement, and the correct number of letters. Words can not be used more than once in a game, by any player. Players must stop writing at the end of 30 seconds. 


ANY word can be used as long as it is, in fact, a real word. That is to say, a word that has been used prior to the game, and proof of which can be found. Other players may question a word, and the player being questioned then has 1 minute to find the word online. If the word is not found, the player that used it receives no points for the round. However, if the word is found, in the time allotted, the player who used it receives double points for the round.


Players may elect to add their own rules beforehand. Examples might be: No proper nouns, no abbreviations, or no non-English words. 



  • FIRST: The word must begin with the letter on the card.

  • LAST: The word must end with the letter on the card.

  • FIRST & LAST: The word must both begin and end with the letter on the card.

  • SECOND: The second letter of the word must be the letter on the card.

  • DOUBLE: The word must use the letter on the card twice in a row. 

  • USE TWO: The word must contain both letters from two cards, in any order. 



  • If the word is the exact amount of letters, and follows the direction exactly: Points = The number of letters in the word.

  • If the word follows the direction exactly, but is not the correct amount of letters: Points = 2

  • If the word is not the correct amount of letters, and does not follow the direction exactly: Points = 0

  • If the 7+ is rolled on the Number die, then any word that follows the direction exactly, and is at least 7 

       letters will get full points. Any amount of letters more than 7 receives that many points. 

  • If a letter and direction combination prove to be too difficult for ALL players, everyone receives 

      2 consolation points for the round.



The player with the most points after 10 rounds is the winner. In the case of a tie, those players will play one more round with the first person finishing a correct response taking the game.



A person may elect to play alone for fun and/or practice. Trying to beat your own high score can be the goal. 

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