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Lamb Mimes!

The creepy sheep that don't make a peep.

  It’s time to come out into the pasture and have some fun; but avoid the Lamb Mimes at all costs, because counting those sheep will be a nightmare.

Players: 2-6          Ages: 14+          Time: 20-30 minutes


Object: Be the first player to get rid of all of your cards, and have the fewest points when one player’s score reaches 50.


Contents: 54 cards: Numbers 1-7 in six color combinations, and 12 Lamb Mimes, including 6 Blue (Draw 1), 3 Green (Draw 2), 2 Orange (Draw 3), and 1 Red (Draw 4).


Before Play: Shuffle and deal five cards to each player. Next, lay four cards face down in a square to form The Pasture in the middle of the playing area. Place the rest of the cards in the center of the Pasture to create a Draw Pile, and turn over one card to start a Discard Pile. Note: If the card that’s turned over is a Lamb Mime, just set it to the side and reveal another. Do this until a number card starts the pile. Choose a player to go first, and then continue on in a clockwise fashion. After the first round, the winner of each previous round should go first.


Play: When a player takes a turn they may do one of the following:

Play a number card from their hand if it matches the number, matches both colors, or is one up sequentially from the number of the top card on the discard pile.

Note: If the top card is a 7, the next player may lay down a 1.

They may also play a Lamb Mime if the top card matches both the number and color of the Lamb Mime, however, a Lamb Mime may not be played on another Lamb Mime.

After the player does one of these things, their turn is over.


If they can not play from their hand, they then choose a card from the Pasture and flip it over, allowing everyone to see it. If that card is immediately playable, they’ll lay it on the discard pile and replace it in the Pasture with one card from their own hand. If it is not playable, they should turn it back over and their turn would then be done.


Finally, If a Lamb Mime card is turned over in the Pasture, the player then has to take the corresponding number of cards from the draw pile to their hand, followed by one more card to fill the spot in the Pasture. The Lamb Mime card should be set to the side, and is now out of the game. The player’s turn is then over.

Note: If all of the cards are taken from the draw pile, shuffle and reuse the discard pile, leaving the top card in its place.


If all Pasture cards have been turned over and can not be used by any player, gather up all four cards and place them at the bottom of the draw pile, and replace them with new cards. 


Winning the Round: When a player lays down the last card from their hand, they have won the round. All other players should then count up the points from the remaining cards in their hands.


Scoring: Number cards are worth 2 points each, and every Lamb Mime card is worth 5 points each. In the case of a tie, those players will play one more round, with that winner being declared the champion.

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