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Full Circle

Object: Be the first player to get rid of all of your cards, and have the fewest points when one player’s score reaches 50.


Contents: 1 Quadrant Marker, 3 Color Markers, and 48 cards: 12 One-Color Cards (2 each of Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, and Purple), 30 Two-Color Cards (Each color combination and their reverse), and 6 Wild Cards.


Before Play: Shuffle and deal six cards to each player. Next, turn over one card in the center of the playing area to start the top left Quadrant of the Circle. Place the rest of the cards near the Circle to create a Draw Pile. Note: If the card that’s turned over is a Wild Card, place it at the bottom of the Draw Pile and select another card. Do this until a Color Card starts the Circle. Choose a player to go first, and then continue on in a clockwise fashion. After the first round, the winner of each previous round should go first.


Play: When a player takes a turn they may do one of the following on any quadrant except the last one played upon:


•Play any Color Card from their hand if it matches the color it’s being laid beside.

•Play a One-Color Card on top of its matching One-Color Card.

•Play a Wild Card in any appropriate position. Note: Wild Cards should always be treated as a One-Color Card and the color chosen must be announced and marked when it is played.


After the player does one of these things, they should place the Quadrant Marker on their card signifying that it can not be played upon, and their turn is over with two exceptions that will be explained shortly.*


If they can not play from their hand, they then draw one card from the Draw Pile. If that card is immediately playable, it’s placed in the Circle and their turn is over. If it is not playable, it remains in their hand and their turn is over.


*Double Match: If a player is able to match colors on both sides of their card, this is called a Double Match. When a Double Match is achieved, the player may take another turn, but are not obligated to do so.


*Full Circle: If a player lays down a card that makes the Circle contain all 6 colors, visible at once, not including a Wild Card, that’s a Full Circle. When a player gets a Full Circle, they may take another turn or give away a card from their hand to the player of their choosing.


Color Trap: If a player lays down a Color Card that puts the same color in all 4 quadrants, and does not include a Wild Card, this sets up a Color Trap. When a Color Trap is implemented it should be announced, and the next player must play a card matching that color, if they have one. If they do not have that color, or one that can be properly played, they must draw a card which is not immediately playable. If there are 3 or 4 players, the trap is passed onto the next player. Once play returns to the player who set the Color Trap, regular play would resume. A player may not set a Color Trap two turns in a row. Note: When a Color Trap is announced, the Quadrant Marker should be removed and all 4 Quadrants are available to be played upon. Also, even though a Wild Card can not be used to set up a Color Trap, it is perfectly acceptable to use one while in the Color Trap. If a Double Match is made that also sets up a Color Trap, the player has the choice to take another turn, or not. If they choose to take another turn and it removes the Color Trap, regular play resumes.


Final Card: When a player is left with only 1 card in their hand, they must lay it down, face up, for all to see. If they have to draw, or are given a second card, they may return the card to their hand.


Winning the Round: When a player plays the last card from their hand, they have won the round. All other players should then count the points from their remaining cards.

Scoring: Each color is worth 4 points, and Wild Cards are 10 points each. If a player wins two rounds in a row, they can subtract 4 points from their total, and repeat this process for each subsequent consecutive win. In the case of a tie, those players will play one more round, with that winner being declared the champion.

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